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The Tecma toilet has many great features which makes it one of the best marine toilets you can buy.
It is a great toilet to use on a charter boat as it looks like a house toilet and is easy to operate
no handles to pump or pedals to press, just a simple touch panel.
Tecma is also suitabile for yachts as it uses just 2 ½ liters to flush.
There are lots of different designs to fit any space, all in high quality china,
the New "Easyfit" product will fit any yacht design.
The very quite and efficient macerator has cutting blades fitted to the inlet to avoid the chances of a blockage.
If you do have a problem then all the parts are under the bowl so access and service is easy.
The Tecma toilets low price is also a good reason why you should use this product for a new build or a refit.

Tecma Pump

6 Easy Fit Dimensions       Tecma Silent

Tecma Toilet Dimensions 1       Tecma Standard Toilet 1

Tecma Standard Toilet 2       Tecma Toilet Dimensions 2

Tecma Toilet Dimensions 3       Tecma Standard Toilet 3

Tecma Pump Box

Tecma Box

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